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Wooden shoes, Heineken beer and .............................wild parrots?  Believe it or not, I was recently privileged to see one of the largest flocks of wild Indian Ringnecks I had ever seen.  I had met some wonderful parrot lovers via Facebook and the forum who have their own website called City Parrots
which is dedicated to the study of wild parrot flocks that live in urban cities.  Roelant Jonker and Grace Innemee picked us up at our hotel and took us to a beautiful park not far from the Dam Square called Frankendael.  There is a thriving flock here which has been nesting and breeding and even a couple of Alexandrine parrots who weren't able to find a mate so bred with an Indian Ringneck Parrot and produced a hybrid parrot.

Closer to sunset time, we moved to another location on the north side of Amsterdam to watch hundreds of wild Ringnecks come to roost for the night in trees.  It was pretty surreal to see the commuter trains in the background and the parrots flocking overhead in the trees.  City Parrots has a Flickr
  site with lots of photos taken with better gear than I have so I will link them and just put my personal photos of my trip in Sept 2009 on this page.  It was an unforgettable experience to see how these clever parrots have adapted and learned to thrive in the bustling city of Amsterdam!

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