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Clubs and Societies
Want to meet other parrot lovers in your area?  Why not join a parrot society or club?  I will be adding to this list periodically so check back often!

The Parrot Society of Australia Inc
. is an incorporated, non-profit organisation founded in 1980.

It is based in Brisbane, the sub-tropical capital of the beautiful State of Queensland, Australia. Australia has often been termed the Land of Parrots! Over 50 parrot species, or one-sixth of the world’s parrots, occur here. No other country has such a diversity of species and no where else are parrots more accessible. They are a part of the daily lives of every Australian.

As Australia’s leading parrot society, we take special pride in representing these native species to the world as well the many foreign and exotic species held by our members.


Parrot Society of Australia stall at Petacular 2008

PSOA sponsored Queensland State Bird Fair-birds and accessories are available.
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