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Parrot conventions are a fun way to learn more about parrots and meet fellow enthusiasts.  These are usually weekend events held annually, bi-annually or in the case of Loro Parque, every four years.   There is always a wide variety of lectures and workshops and you can study with some of the world's top parrot experts.

Here are some of the larger parrot conventions held around the world.

Brisbane, Australia-Parrots 2014 (June/July TBA)

Parrots Conference

The Parrot Society of Australia Inc. invites you to attend their biannual international ‘Parrots' convention to be held in sunny Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, Australia.
conventions are held every two years with the recurring theme of ‘Raising the Perch in Avicultural Education' – a goal we supersede with every convention. For those of you who have attended previous ‘Parrots' conventions, you can expect an even greater and more dynamic program of experienced domestic and international aviculturist, conservationist and companion parrot speakers.

The Parrot Society is internationally renown for producing the most professionally run, comprehensive and diverse avian educational event for all parrot enthusiasts in Australia. As your host, our attention to detail ensures that you will maximise your learning opportunities and social networking over the weekend. We offer delegates an array of valuable multi-media presentations, workshops and access to the latest in trade supplies and products. You will be exposed to current and innovative avian management practices to help you with your hobby. 

‘Parrots' conventions are the only Australian convention that runs a concurrent, streamed program for aviculturists and companion parrot owners alike. This gives you the freedom to choose which sessions you would prefer to attend instead of being locked into a fixed program under one discipline. 

Following the success of our inaugural 'Fledglings' children's workshop in 2008, we will be offering a similar experience for young aviculturists again in 2010. Interested children will get the opportunity to work with both Shane and Nic, the creators of Fledglings, in a hands on learning experience. They will engage with live birds for behaviour and training experiences while learning valuable techniques to becoming a responsible aviculturist.  Fledglings is the only opportunity for young aviculturists to learn about their interest in parrots in Australia and the Parrot Society proudly supports this initiative.

A conservation fundraising dinner will be the highlight of the convention to get you thinking beyond your backyard. It is an excellent opportunity for you to hear a renown international conservationist speaker while enjoying the social aspect of our hobby. To compliment this, there will be an aviary tour of the Gold Coast and northern New South Wales region for further social networking.

For more information and to register

Parrots 2012


Canary Islands-World Parrot Congresses

The World Parrot Congress series is a concept of Loro Parque, first beginning in 1986 and re-occurring every four years. Thus, we have experienced five very successful congresses, and preparations are under way for the seventh congress to take place between the 22th and the 25h of September 2014. The interval between one congress and the next provides ample time for much useful new work, and many interesting advances, to have been made which can be presented at the succeeding congress. Thus, each congress provides an unrivalled international forum for the interchange of information, the exploration of ideas and issues, and the discussion of all topics related to the order Psittaciformes, the parrots. On average, about 800 delegates attend each World Parrot Congress, coming from many countries around the globe. They include people from all walks of life, all with a common interest in parrots, and a good proportion of the delegates are scientists and conservationists working on parrot projects in the field as well as with birds in captivity. Many other participants are from the avicultural community, being serious breeders of parrots. The congresses also provide an exceptional opportunity for students, especially in veterinary medicine and the biological sciences, to acquire knowledge and make useful for contacts for career development

Each congress programme includes a broad diversity of topics to have the broadest appeal to participants, and to stimulate the maximum exchange of information. The topics include general to very specific aspects of parrot husbandry, diets and nutrition, design of accommodation, environmental enrichment, techniques to stimulate breeding, medical monitoring, behaviour in the wild and in the aviary, reintroduction to the wild from captivity, research and conservation management of parrots in the wild, and so on. Some presentations deal with single species, while others cover topics which affect multiple species. Yet others may deal with the biology and conservation of parrots as part of ecological communities in nature, and progressively the congresses have included more information about threatened species and their conservation. In parallel, the hosting of the congresses has passed from Loro Parque to the Loro Parque Fundación, founded in 1994, the year of the fourth congress. The speakers who present these varied topics are internationally recognised experts in their fields, whether scientists, conservationists, aviculturists or other.

Every congress is held in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife, providing the delegates with the opportunity to visit Loro Parque and see the approximately 600 parrots exhibited there, as well as to enjoy the other attractions of the park. All delegates who are members of the LPF also have the unique chance to visit the LPF Breeding Centre, which is not open to the public. In the centre they witness the other approximately 2,900 birds in largest and most diverse genetic reserve of parrots in the world, including species and subspecies which they are unlikely to see elsewhere. All congresses are held at the end of September, in a wonderful climate with guaranteed sunshine.

The next World Parrot Congress will be in Sept 22-25, 2014.  For more information, see their website.  

Canadian Parrot Conference

The conference offers a unique opportunity for avian enthusiasts to gather under one roof to enhance their knowledge about the care, behaviour and husbandry of parrots. World renowned experts travel to the conference and actively share their knowledge and experiences with all in attendance. This conference also provides an opportunity to support a number of avian causes and organizations, in addition to shopping for avian related goods and giftware.


 Parrots International Symposium

The Parrots International Symposium creates a forum for parrot conservation, in situ field research, and companion parrots. We gather renown experts and upcoming, dedicated, parrot researchers from around the globe, as well as students, donors and supporters, and conservation organizations. This year we will have presenters from all over the world. All proceeds from the Symposium go directly to the field to support parrot related conservation projects.

A Magical Journey Awaits You

THE US GRANT, the only four star, four diamond, hotel in downtown San Diego, is the 2010 venue, at an amazing group rate. The US Grant is a sanctuary replete with exceptional surroundings in a landmark historic venue with unsurpassed personalized services. San Diego continues to offer the finest climate and the most robust selection of leisure activities of any west coast destination from sports to arts to famed beaches and parks, Sea Port Village, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  Dates for after 2012 not announced

Parrot Symposium


AFA Annual Convention

Grab your hat and grab your boots and join us in San Antonio, Texas from August 15-18, 2012 for the 38th Annual Convention of the American Federation of Aviculture!

Join the fun as we gather to learn, meet new friends, and renew old friendships at the Omni Colonnade Hotel, located in historic San Antonio, and just 15 minutes from San Antonio International Airport.



NPRPF and Parrot Festival, Houston

· Present the annual Parrot Festival for the purpose of education and fundraising.
· Provide information to other rescue organizations on capture and care of parrots.
· Because parrots can often outlive their owners, can be discarded, abandoned, or lost from their homes, NPRPF strives to improve our rescue efforts for parrots and aide owners in need.
· Because many rescued parrots arrive emotionally unstable which can manifest it's self in unwanted behaviors, our goal is to recruit and train volunteers for rehabilitation and parrot care efforts.
· NPRPF needs a large base of prospective suitable qualified parrot homes and is actively seeking applications for placement.


Grafton, NSW, Australia-AVES 2013

The concept for the AVES International Parrot Convention is to promote and improve aviculture, particularly the keeping and breeding of Psittacines. Speakers are chosen from around the world for their expertise in Aviculture to formally deliver their presentations and informally disclose their particular expertise. Social events are held throughout the Convention program to enable delegates and speakers to trade personal knowledge, whilst renewing friendships, contacts and promoting new business opportunities.  


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