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A passion for parrots and a love of adventure-well what better way to combine the two than eco-tours to see wild parrots?  In this section, I will be sharing my personal experiences and encounters with wild parrots all over the world.   The articles about my travels are very photo-intensive, so please bear that in mind if you are on a slow connection.  Parrots are so photogenic!

Eco-tourism is one way we can help save wild and endangered parrots from extinction.  Poaching has taken its toll already and now that most developed countries have banned the import of wild-caught parrots the incentive has gone down to capture them.  Eco-tourism provides jobs for local people as guides, hotel and restaurant workers, craft makers and sellers and travel agents.  We have much to learn from watching wild birds doing what comes naturally in their native habitats.  See how they interact, squabble, make up, protect their young and joyfully scream as they streak through the treetops. 

For more information about what countries to visit and some helpful hints, please refer to the Travel Advice section of the site or ask questions on the forum.  We also have more details about Research Projects that offer eco-tours and educational opportunites.


       Tara at Tambopata Macaw Clay Lick

Tara meets baby Hyacinth Macaw with researchers from Projeto Arara Azul, Pantanal, Brazil

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