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Grand Cayman
Boatswain's Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

 From it's beginnings as a turtle farm, Boatswain's Beach has been developed into one of Grand Cayman's top tourist attractions.  Of course they still have the turtle breeding facility but they also have an ocean predator exhibit complete with shark feeding and a walk-in aviary featuring the national bird of the Cayman Islands, the stunning Cayman Parrot who is closely related to the Cuban Amazon.   Strangely enough, even with a cruise ship in port, we never felt crowded, probably because most people went to the beach, diving or shopping.  Due to bad weather, Stingray City was closed the day we were in port but at least we got in.  The ship that was there the day before wasn't allowed to tender in! 

Details of the birds in the aviary can be found HERE

For more information and details on how to get there, please visit their website.    BOATSWAIN'S BEACH

The beautiful Cayman Parrot

Some other birds in the aviary

A kiss from a quaker named "Budgie"

Predator Tank

A very slippery turtle at the turtle farm

Parrot art

Pirate Statue

Macaws outside Margaritaville waiting for people to pose with them

Maybe now people will stop telling me to go here!

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