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Jungle Island
Jungle Island (AKA Parrot Jungle), Miami, Florida

Most people know this place as Parrot Jungle, though they have expanded and added more exhibits of other animals and renamed the park Jungle Island.  It is conveniently located near the cruise terminal and a very pleasant place to visit before or after a cruise.  The Manu Encounter is a unique exhibit modelled after the clay licks of Peru with species of birds commonly found in Peru. 

Of course with any major animal park, there are a number of shows such as Flamingo Feeding, Lorikeet Feeding and a Raptor Show given at particular times.  Otherwise just wander around and have a chat to the cheeky macaws on stands along the walkways.  It was pouring rain the day we visited and we had to run out to some exhibits, snap photos and run back to shelter to keep the camera dry.  

For more information and details on how to get there, please visit their website.   JUNGLE ISLAND MIAMI

Trained Raptor Show

Manu Experience

Curious African Grey

Various Parrots in Aviaries
Lorikeet Feeding was closed unfortunately

Blue Mutation Amazon

Checking his ID, yes, that's me!

Major Mitchell Cockatoo


Black Palm Cockatoo

Macaws and cockatoos on stands.  You buy pellets from machines and they eat from your hand!

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