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Lamington National Park is an easy day trip from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, being about a two hour drive.  DIRECTIONS

Lamington National Park is home to a vast array of unique wildlife & birdlife making O'Reilly's a nature lover's paradise.  Four years after the arrival of the O'Reilly Family, Lamington National Park was declared, effectively isolating the O'Reilly's from the outside world. While Lamington wasn't Queensland's first national park, it is the most significant, and was regularly referred to as 'Queensland's National Park.'

World Heritage status was bestowed on Lamington in 1994 in recognition of its high biodiversity, and the fact it contains a living museum of the evolutionary steps taken in the development of Australia's modern day flora. It now includes 20,200 hectares of varying forest types, from temperate Antarctic Beech forest high on the border ranges through the sub-tropical rainforests, to the dry eucalypt forest of the northern escarpment.

Lamington National Park provides food and shelter for a huge array of sub-tropical birdlife (over 160 species), reptiles, frogs, mammals and invertebrates.

For over 90 years the O'Reilly family has accumulated a deep knowledge of Lamington National Park and its many attractions. They would love to share the park and that knowledge with you.


O'Reilly's is 930 metres (3,000 feet) above sea level and enjoys cool mountain air and spectacular views.  The charming O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat offers overnight accommodation and guided bush walks for birdwatching.  O'REILLY'S

I have been there several times, most recently on the group tour sponsored by Parrots 2008.  Several of the guest lecturers came along and enjoyed the chance to see some native Australian birds in the wild.  Although touristy, who can resist the opportunity to feed wild king parrots and rosellas? 

Parrots 2008 Group

Tara and King Parrot

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