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Learning More
Congratulations on opening the door to the wonderful world of parrots!  There is so much to learn about them and an endless array of resources.  Parrot conventions are held on a regular basis-some are every year or biannually.  You can take seminars with world-famous parrot experts at these conventions or at their training facilities.  You can join a local parrot society and attend meetings to network with other parrot lovers.  You can volunteer with research projects. 

The internet has an unbelievable amount of information on all aspects of parrots.  You will find some resources linked in the navigation bar.  These will be updated as needed.  If you have a resource you would like to add, please use the contact form.  We also do reciprocal links.

Parrot trainer and conservationalist Steve Martin and Tara at Parrot Society meeting

Celebrity Australian vet Dr Harry and Tara at annual Petacular Expo in Brisbane
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