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Lowry Park
Lowry Park Zoo, Tampa, Florida

This is actually an entire zoo, but we are focussing on walk-in aviaries here.  
Enter a sub-tropic rain forest in the zoo! Admire our fine-feathered friends as they explore their free-flight habitat. You'll see nature's colors in all their glory-- Red-legged Honeycreeper, the Purple Swamp hen, the Toucan and the Blue Bellied Roller. Enjoy the peaceful waterfalls and river that runs though this area and watch exotic and endangered birds gracefully soar overhead. This habitat alone is home to more than 50 bird species. Or, feed the birds in the Lorikeet Landing. Filled with these brightly colored birds, they will actually land on you as you feed them special nectar 

For more information and details on how to get there, please visit their website.   LOWRY PARK WEBSITE

Welcoming committee!

Beautiful natural setting in the walk-in aviary

Cheeky Toucan

Rare Blue-Throated Macaws

Lorikeet Landing is the highlight with friendly lories and lorikeets who want a free lunch!

You can't take a bad picture of these beauties!

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