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New Jersey

Who could imagine that just across the river from Manhattan, there is a calm oasis of wild quakers (monk parakeets)?  Edgewater, New Jersey is home to hundreds of the bright green parrots and they provide a delightful opportunity for eco-tourism close to home for those who live in the New York area. Alison Evans-Fragale, founder of EdgewaterParrots.com was gracious enough to escort me and a few others around the nesting sites of the Edgewater quakers.  She has also rescued several of the birds who found themselves in strife, nursed them back to health and released them back into the community.  The photos below are from our mini eco-tour in November 2008.  The Parrot Park directions are on the Edgewater Parrot site and located next to the Salsa Cafe.  You can also find details of when escorted parrot walks take place or email Alison for further information; and there are petitions to sign to help prevent destruction of the quakers' nests.


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