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Parrot Habitats

Parrots can be found mostly in tropical and subtropical climates in Africa, Australia, South America and India.  Surpisingly, they can also be found in some cities and suburbs.  When planning an eco-tour to see wild parrots you need to consider the climate, time of year (breeding season, monsoons, etc) and where the species that interest you can be found.  Every experience is different and it only takes a strong El Nino to throw the weather out of kilter.   You also need to consider your level of physical fitness. 

Rainforest habitats require more hiking in wet, muddy primary forest.  It's dark so you need to have camera gear that can get good photos in these conditions.  You will need gumboots for hiking but most lodges provide these. 

Grassland parrot safaris are easier and in some cases, you can use trucks to get to prime parrot viewing areas.  The climate is dryer and easier to deal with for people who live in temperate zones.  You will need a good zoom lens as many parrots will be high up in trees.

Some people will be lucky enough to live in areas where parrots inhabit cities and suburbs.  You can see the parrots every day when driving to work or walking through a park.  The parrots will often come into backyards and take food from bird feeders. 

Rainbow lorikeet in Tara's front yard

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