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Parrots as Companions
Fids, feathered kids, pets or companion parrots; no matter what you call them there is no doubt that people love parrots.  The one thing we tend to forget is that they are not truly domesticated in the sense that dogs and cats are.   You can learn a lot about your companion parrot by observing flock interaction amongst wild parrots.  Many people have only one parrot who is home alone while they are at work.  It is not natural for parrots to be alone.  They are flock creatures and you will NEVER see a parrot alone in the wild.  In the case of our companion parrots, WE are their flock and it is natural for them to scream if they are left alone.  They are not trying to drive us crazy, they just want their flockmates. 

It's best to keep parrots in pairs, they can be same-sex pairs if you don't want to breed.   They don't have to be the same species.  The photo on the right shows four different South American species who all get along well together.  The trick to this is having a very large bird room so they all have their own space, thier own sleeping arrangements and several food stations.  It is natural for parrots to have squabbles amongst themselves and as long as they are roughly the same size, they will work it out for themselves.   Wild parrots love to fly-and so do companion parrots!  While some people will be unable to keep fully flighted birds for safety reasons (frequent visitors, children, other pets, etc); if you can make an indoor aviary for your companion parrots, you will find they will appreciate the exercise.  

Nanday Conures flock in the Pantanal, Brazil

Tara's Nanday, Ixchel flocking with a Quaker, Jenday Conure and Greencheek Conure
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