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Research Projects
Why do people research parrots in the field?   What can you learn from studying them?  And how can this research help conserve rapidly dwindling wild parrot populations?

If you have never participated in an eco-tour or watched wild birds behaving naturally, you have much to learn!  Companion parrots are not truly domesticated and by observing wild parrots we can learn what makes our fids tick.  Researchers are also working hard to preserve endangered species who have been put in this situation by poachers and having their habitats destroyed.  The researchers also take a census of parrot populations to measure the success of breeding programs.  Some projects are funded by eco-tourism and some are funded by grants and universities.  Many projects accept volunteers, who usually pay a small amount to cover their room and board.   The websites in each research project's profile will give more details on how to become a vonunteer.   Research projects have so far been very successful in breeding and helping parrots find safe nesting places.  Details about specific research projects are in the links above.

Researcher from Projeto Arara Azul examines baby hyacinth macaw to make sure he is being fed well
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