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Feathered and Free site owner and webmaster Tara Tuatai has always been an explorer and adventurer.  Since the early 80's she has travelled extensively around the world and sought out nature experiences before "eco-tourism" became a buzz word.  She had an early fascination with parrots but never had any of her own until 2000.   Tara has crossed Africa overland in local transport, followed the Silk Route from Hong Kong to Istanbul as a solo traveller and lived in the Middle East where she worked as a belly dancer and actress.  After marriage to Ina from the Cook Islands and moving to Brisbane, Australia in 2000, she bought her first bird-a cockatiel.  Today she is "Mom" to 12 small parrots:

Cockatiels: Tiki, Manu, Maui, Shaka
Quaker: Chaska

Blue Princess Parrot: Tjinimin
Green Princess Parrot: Manikay
Nanday Conure: Ixchel
Jenday Conure: Yaxche
Greencheek Conure: Chula
Nansun Conure:  Xango
Blue-Throated Conure:  Orixa

She has been active on parrot message boards since mid-2003 as "Tiki" and served as moderator on Birdboard from Dec 2004-Dec 2006 and The Perch from August 2007 and joined the Perch's team of Administrators in June 2008.  The Perch is the world's fastest growing message board for pet parrots and is proud of being "the friendliest pet parrot board on the net".  Tara is known for her sense of humour and diplomatic people skills when handling disputes.  She is owner/adminiatrator of the popular Feathered and Free forum where people interested in seeing wild parrots can come to chat with like-minded adventurers.  Tara's latest project, the Wild Parrot Sighting Database can be found on the forum.

Tara became interested in avian eco-tourism as a means to continue her passion for travel and learn more about birds.  She is committed to doing all she can to make this a better world for birds and helping conservation efforts around the world.  She is a member of the Parrot Society of Australia, World Parrot Trust and sponsor of two golden conures at The Gabriel Foundation.  She is constantly seeking opportunities to learn more about both wild and companion parrots and she regularly attends parrot conventions and seminars. 

Tara has travelled to Peru, Brazil, the Cook Islands, the USA and some Caribbean islands to study wild parrots and plans to travel to India and Africa as well as domestically in Australia.  She hopes to one day lead her own eco-tours to parrot habitats around the world and to support parrot conservation projects.

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