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The Gabriel Foundation

The Gabriel Foundation® is a 501(c)(3) avicultural and veterinary affiliated parrot welfare organization licensed by the state of Colorado, promoting educational outreach, conservation, rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, and sanctuary pertaining to the needs of parrots everywhere. The Foundation’s purpose is to serve as a research and educational model to the public-at-large, the veterinary medical community, the pet industry, humane animal welfare organizations and the avicultural community. The Foundation educates the public about the importance of providing appropriately for the welfare of parrots in captivity and the need to preserve the world’s parrots in their wild habitats.  

A popular way to help the Gabriel Foundation is to sponsor one or more of their resident parrots.  I sponsor two Golden Conures named Banjo and Zoe.  If you would like to sponsor a bird or find out more about how you can help, please visit their website 

Tara's sponsor birds, Banjo and Zoe

Abused macaw, Coco was rescued by TGF

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