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Travel Advice
Here's some helpful advice to help you get started on your own avian eco-tourism adventure!

Always get your passport well in advance and make sure it has at least six months validity before you leave.  Either scan or take a digital photo of your passport and email it to yourself.  If it's lost, this will make it easier to get a replacement.  Check visa requirements well in advance and make sure you have any visas you need before you go.  Some countries also require a yellow fever vaccination certificate and you can only get this jab at certain travel medicine clinics.

The destination profiles have a three letter code (such as AUD).  To convert into your home currency, visit this site and put the code in and your home currency (such as USD).   OANDA

If you are corresponding with a local eco-tour operator in the destination country, it is helpful to know what time it is over there.     Time and Date   

Before you head off on your adventure, you will probably have to layover in the gateway city.  This is a very helpful site to check up on hotel reviews.   Trip Advisor

There are two major airline alliances, each of whom have a set of partners to accrue miles on.  You can also earn miles from everyday living if your credit card offers a miles partnership.  Check out all frequent flyer programs in each alliance to determine the best one for you.  Try to anticipate where you will go on your reward tickets and see which program has the best redemption rate.   There are links to individual airline programs on these alliance websites.  Hotel programs can be valuable too.  Watch for bonus points, these can add up to free stays very quickly.  American Express has a great program called Membership Rewards that allows you to transfer points to your choice of several programs.  You can earn free flights before you ever set foot on a plane!

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